Team Apposter

Jayoung, Jeong
Jayoung, JeongCreative Team | Assistant Designer
Life is; LOL
Haram, Ryoo
Haram, RyooBusiness Team | Assistant Planner
Keep yourself alive.
Sojung, Choi
Sojung, ChoiCreative Team | Assistant Designer
v ‘-‘ v
Kwanghoon, Jung
Kwanghoon, JungBusiness Dept. Director
Show me the money.
Taehong, kim
Taehong, kimUX Design Team | Assistant Designer
chicken dinner!!
YeonJu, Kang
YeonJu, KangDevelopment Team | Developer
200 OK
Joonsung, Kim
Joonsung, KimUX Design Team | Assistant Designer
Hyeongseok, Choe
Hyeongseok, ChoeDevelopment Team | Assistant Developer
Eun Kyoung, Lee
Eun Kyoung, LeePR / Marketing Director
스마트워치 페이스 바꿀 때 MR TIME,
워치밴드 바꿀때도 MR TIME
Mijin, Lee
Mijin, LeeManagement Team | Accountancy
Sunhee, Park
Sunhee, ParkPlanning Team | Planner
Paradise is where I am.
Minha, Jeung
Minha, JeungUX Design Team | Leader
잘 먹고 다녀요
Hyeonu, Lee
Hyeonu, LeeDevelopment Team | Leader
Dongjin, Kim
Dongjin, KimPlatform Lab | CTO
Kyoungkook, Chang
Kyoungkook, ChangCreative Team | Leader
I’m happy because I’m smiling.
Juwha, Lee
Juwha, LeeBusiness Team | Leader
스마트워치로 세계 정복
Sunghyun, Kyung
Sunghyun, KyungCEO
Be who you want to be not what others want to see.